Applied Physics is an ever evolving collaboration of like-minded artists, or, scientists. Every month, scientists remix a selected submission, or experiment. The experiments are then released as a compilation, or a study. In its first year, the Applied Physics project has produced nearly 100 experiments clocking 7 listening hours, with collaborations from nearly 20 scientists. Near the end of the second year the Applied Collective doubled in roster size and set their sights on EP and Album releases in addition to the conclusion of normal single experiments. The crew hosted a brief series of online events where many dope tunes and new releases were premiered and

Shout out to the whole AP fam, Old Skool Underground, HighLucyNation, Electric Insomnia, 1% Productions, Sacred Frequency, HouseHoldName, Loom, Trill Kill Kult, The Bourbon Theatre, LUSH Selects, URLFuture, ETNIA, Generation Bass, and everyone who has supported us along the way.