Yoshi D – Yunk EP [APHYS07]

Some fresh new sounds from one of our original Applied Physics beat scientists, Yoshi D!  The Yunk EP hits on multiple genres while retaining all that Yoshi Demonz funk.



Cornhustle Presents: Intelligent Sound

Cornhustle is happy to bring a very talented Kansas City Collective to our city for a 100% producer showcase…

All of the evening’s talent will be dropping 100% original music, so be prepared for unheard gems.

Free entry! • 21+ • 9pm – 2am



• Rick Maun [Intelligent SoundSoundcloud
Zelus [ Intelligent Sound ] Soundcloud
• Peter Anthony [ Intelligent Sound ]

also featuring:

Teetah Soundcloud
Miscellaneous T [ Applied PhysicsSoundcloud
Dojorok Soundcloud
Just Jace [ SUB FM / Cornhustle /Applied PhysicsSoundcloud

Ant B – Moon Boogy EP [APHYS04]

A mix of melodic bass bangers from Applied Physics homie, Ant B!  With a chill remix from AP founder MiscellaneousT closing it out, this EP is worth a listen or two!




Exactly one year after the debut album of FRANK&STAN with Urban Legends, Nebraska’s freshest and most active bass production unit are still at it. Frank & Stan the bass fiends have supplied us with a fresh set of their newest tunes along with a variety of razor sharp future sound samples for our Applied Physics Scientists to bring you the fourth EP release from the monster bass duo FROM THE FUTURE!  Remixes by Rygol, Beren One, Digitize, and BURNA

Jonny Beatz – NEW DAWN [APHYS01]

For our first full length album release we bring you 10 original tracks mixed and mastered by the one and only Jonny Beatz – this album jumps through many different flavors of house and dub and is complimented by a number of remixes by the Applied Physics crew! Extra shout out to all our friends at Lush Selects for supporting us on this release!

Remixes by: MiscTCircuitreeYoshi DcardnulldjlionmayneJustJace & Rygol

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POWER⚡PHYSICS (100% #Applied)

selections made by Miscellaneous T from just a FEW of the gems that can be found at Applied Physics

POWER⚡PHYSICS is a mix featuring:
FRANKandSTAN // mixdup // the_official_robit // yoshid-land // peter-vocelka // Elephantz // Squirrely Bass // Cardnull // Brizcrunch // Rygol // @jonnybeatz90 // bobbtracks // MiscT// buzzjunior // bentone // paperboy // DFB // digitize // Circuitree

  • [AP18] FRANK&STAN – Mind Freak (Mixdup Remix)
  • [AP11] Xander Riley – Titrant (Robit Remix)
  • [AP02] Yoshi D – Spirited (Pete.Lo Remix)
  • [AP20] Elephantz – Run It (Squirrely Bass Remix)
  • [AP13] Cardnull & Rage Status – Bermuda (B Riz Remix)
  • [AP02] Yoshi D – Spirited (Rygol Remix VIP)
  • [AP13] Cardnull & Rage Status – Bermuda (JonnyBeatz Remix)
  • [AP03] Rygol – Run it Again (bobbtracks Remix)
  • [AP01] MiscellaneousT & Nij – Truth Changes (BuzzJunior Remix)
  • [AP12] MiscT – Mountains (Bentone ‘s MOUNTAIN HIGH Remix)
  • [AP17] PAPERBOY – $PAPERBOY$ (Cardnull Remix)
  • [AP07] BuzzJunior – Intergalactic Safari (D.F.B. Remix)
  • [AP14] B Riz – BANE (Digitize Remix)
  • [AP02] Yoshi D – Spirited (BuzzJunior’s TVRN it UP Remix)
  • [AP18] FRANK&STAN ‘s Horrific Adventure (Circuitree Mix)
  • [AP19] Yoshi D – Faded (AntiHero Remix)
  • [AP15] circuitree1111 – Going Deeper (Rygol Re-Funk)
  • [AP10] bobbtracks – Razor Ramon (Bentone’s HEY YO Remix)
  • [AP09] D.F.B. – Okay YEAAAAA (Bentone’s SCIENCE Remix)
  • [AP20] Elephantz – Run It (Yoshi D Remix)
  • [AP18] FRANK&STAN – Nuclear Future (Elephantz Remix)
  • [AP05] Bentone – Underground (Xander Riley mix Feat. Melissa Dundis, Kyla Dia Jerousek, Brandon Bakke and BuzzJunior)