MiscT – Music to Telemarket to [APHYS06]

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Hambooger – Indigo EP [APHYS02]

For the Second Applied Physics EP release we are exited to share Hambooger’s Indigo EP with you along with remix support from two of AP’s chief scientists Rygol & Beren One


[MiscT] The Cosmic G Mix

Most of MiscellaneousT’s set from the first year of The Cosmic Giggle Camping & Music Festival hosted by Sacred Frequency at Sokol Park July 10-12, 2015, mixed on two cdj900 and a djm900 with no headphones. It’s about 80% originals or collabs of mine with a few random gems thrown in ~

▲▲▲♪ TRACKLIST ♫▲▲▲
Memory Ruins – I’ll be Yours [LUSH]
FRANK&STAN – WHO we ARE [Urban Legends]
MiscellaneousT & ANTIHERO – Hazard Suit [Introvert Culture]
Shop Boyz – Party like a Rockstar (FRANK&STAN Remix)
MiscellaneousT & TWIN NEMESIS – Waterworld [Introvert Culture]
FRANK&STAN – The Guttaz [Late Night Monsterz]
Deadmau5 – I Remember (MiscellaneousT Bootleg)
FRANK&STAN – WE are the FUTURE [Urban Legends]
MiscellaneousT – SLIME (OUTBOUND EP)[URLF011]
Collie Budz – Come Around (SLOTR rmx)
Elephantz – Run It (FRANK&STAN Remix) [AP20]
Yoshi D – Faded ft Lil Walter (Cardnull Remix) [AP19]
Benky – Spring [LUSH]
MiscellaneousT – Do it (Amazon)[Etnia01]
Venessa Michaels – watcha on (Internet Party Edit)
Twin Nemesis – Operatic (MiscellaneousT Remix)
MiscellaneousT – Messy [Messy EP]
FRANK&STAN – Nuclear Future [Urban Legends][AP18]
MiscellaneousT & SQUIRRLEY BASS – Ice Fortress [Introvert Culture]
▼▼▼♪ مزيج الكوني ♫▼▼▼

FEATURING Sounds from:
frankandstanmemoryruinsvenessamichaelsslotrcardnullfuckmylifetwin nemesiselephantz, waltwaybenkymusicinternetparty,  squirrely-basstardURLFuturelush-selectsappliedphysics & etniacypher

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[BENTONE] Squish City Mixtape

An amazing mix of 100% original heaters from one of our original beat scientists, Bentone!

1) Keeplove? – Keep Love (LOVETONE!’S re-luv)
2) Bentone – The Tip
3) Bentone – Taco Power
4) Bentone – Today
5) Touch People – LETGO/GETLO (Bentone’s re-touch)
6) Bentone – The Sketchy Bounce
7) Bentone – Temple
8) Nij and MiscT – Truth Changes (Bentone’s Tesla-esque Rework)
9) Bentone – DaisyMarch
10) Rodney O and Cooley G – Everlasting Bass (Bentone’s 2013 re-bass)
11) Bentone – Mt Nasty
12) LoVETONE! – My Love
13) Bentone – Snakepanther (ft. Christina Rhodes)
14) Toni Braxton – You’re Making Me High (Bentone’s You’re High Remix)
15) Bentone – Reflection/Creation